Drain Stoppages

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Drain Stoppages

Drain Stoppages | Little John's Plumbing - La Verne, CA

Aside from burst pipes, drain stoppages are plumbing emergencies that can put an immediate halt on the daily activities at your residential or commercial property. To have your drain stoppages taken care of, you should call the plumbers at Little John’s Plumbing. We proudly provide our services to clients living in La Verne, CA and the surrounding areas. We have all the special tools needed to clear even the most severely clogged drains. Drain stoppages are never any fun, but we can get them cleared rapidly.

Drain stoppages can occur to any property owner. Even when you are aware of what you are pouring and flushing down your drains, over time, after many years, you may encounter drain stoppages that will stop all your activities. Here are some of the signs that you may have drain stoppages:

• Foul Odors—Foul odors whose source you cannot determine could be coming from your drains and pipes. This can be a sign that a stoppage is on the way. We will gladly inspect your plumbing system to determine the best service for you.

• Over-Flowing Toilets—Over-flowing toilets can be a sign that you have a drain stoppage. The water that goes down your toilet must work its way through your clogged pipes. If it can’t, then you may experience water spouting from your shower or sink!

• Slow-Draining Sinks—If your sinks and tubs are taking a very long time to drain, then drain stoppages could be the culprit. If your problem is severe then no amount of liquid clog remover or plunger effort will be of any help to you.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, then stop by Little John’s Plumbing right away!